How to Find a Good Dental Specialist in Norwest

It is important to find the right dentist for your family, as you will likely be in a close relationship for many years. How do you start the search? And how can you tell if you've found the right one?

Before you choose your Norwest dental specialist you feel most comfortable with, it is a good idea to call/visit several dentists. Ask your friends and colleagues for recommendations on dentists. Talk to your local pharmacist or family physician.

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You should look for dentists who are accredited by the state/local dental associations directories if you need a specialist to help you with a specific problem. There are 13 areas of dentistry specialization. This will help you to choose the right one for you.

These are just a few of the questions that you should ask or get answers to in your interactions with them before making your final decision. 

1. Insurance

Ask whether they file claims with all insurance companies, especially if they are new to your network through third-party recommendations.

2. Options for payment

Ask if they accept other payment options. This is especially important if your insurance does not cover dental. Customers are often required to provide proof of payment before receiving treatment at a dental practice.

3. Affiliations and memberships

You should register them with your state or local dental association, and preferably the ADA. This is a type of insurance. They must also adhere to the Codes of Conduct of the Associations.

4. Hours and location

How far away is the dental specialist? Can you get to them in time if there's an emergency? How convenient are their hours depending on your schedule? Ideally, they shouldn't be very far away from your home or office so that you can make it to your appointments and reach them in case of emergencies.