Master Your CRM – Marketing Automation

Most problems with CRM seem to stem from users not knowing exactly what the system has to offer or how to get that information. Signing up through an authorized dealer or supplier advisor helps make the lines of communication much more open and convenient, but still raises the following points. 

If we want to get the most out of our CRM investment, we need not only to know what sales and marketing toolboxes are available, but also how to use them. This article focuses on understanding some of the features offered by a good marketing automation CRM program. 

While some CRMs don't really focus on marketing automation, it's an important part of your customer relationship because it's often the first communication you develop with them. We all know that managers are busy. They monitor the progress and success of the people on their sales team; they focus on their own monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals; they report their findings to senior management, etc. 

Smaller companies, in addition to all of the above, need to take on the role of system administrator of their sales software, which is usually CRM. Anything we can do to minimize the work they have to do manually, the better.

If you haven't already, make sure you take advantage of the ability to take your system off the network to lead. This can result in hours saved each week, which adds to the days saved each quarter.