All About Cleaning And Maintaining Commercial Refrigeration

Regular cleaning and maintenance extend the life of your commercial refrigeration and save energy consumption. While you can perform basic maintenance yourself, you will need professional help to get a thorough cleaning and inspection throughout the year. You can also visit this site to hire the best commercial refrigeration cleaning service.

Here are some important tips for maintaining a commercial refrigeration system:

Clean the Condenser Unit

Clean the entire condenser with an air compressor. Remember, the longer you wait to wash the reels, the dirtier it gets. Your refrigerator may not be capable to handle the higher temperatures, and this could lead you to seek expensive emergency repairs. 

Also, you may need to throw out any perishable foods that are in your refrigerator. Failure to maintain the correct temperature can lead to food safety problems. Since the consequences are expensive, it makes sense to frequently clean the capacitor modules.

Visual Spot Checks

Inspect and clean the exterior of the module, including doors, seals, and outer surfaces. Check that the gaskets seal the air-conditioned room well on all four sides. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the outside of your commercial refrigeration unit. 

Soft, soapy water should do the trick. When cleaning, take precautions so that water does not come into contact with electrical components. It is best to avoid using a hose to clean the refrigerator or the surrounding area.