Planning a Surprise Birthday Party

You must first set a party date. You must designate someone to plan a fictional activity with the guest of honor. The invitations should indicate that the party is a surprise. The party time on invitations must be at least 30 minutes before the guest of honor arrives, so plan accordingly. Include in the invitation an alternative place to park on the day of the party so as not to alert the guest of honor that a party is taking place.

Get the guest of honor's family and friends involved when planning the surprise. They can be very useful when setting up a fake activity event. They can also provide valuable information about things that guests of honor like. This can help you choose party food and decide on a theme idea.

Use them to help you build the guest list to make sure you don't inadvertently leave someone out. So if you think amazing birthday parties are held in Frisco, a smart idea for someone around you, at that point here is the thing you need to know.


Here's How to Throw a Virtual Party and Make it a Success

When planning a surprise birthday party for children, it is a good idea to send the invitation to the parents of the guests. This will avoid an accidental surprise draw for the guest of honor before the party date.

Decide where the surprise party will take place. This will largely depend on your budget. If you are planning an outdoor party, you should plan an alternate location ahead of time in bad weather.

Plan the party decorations and food according to your party budget. There are some great theme party ideas you can use depending on the age of the guest of honor. If the guest of honor grew up in the 1960s, for example, they could enjoy a party with music and decorations from the 1960s that revolve around that period. If the party is for a child, a great theme could be based on your favorite superhero or cartoon character.