Mold Inspection: What’s involved?

It is crucial that you immediately address any mold growth discovered in your home, whether it be in the basement or attic or in your bedroom or lounge.

A mold inspection by a professional is necessary to determine the type and extent of the mold. There are many mold inspectors available, but you should not be tempted to just choose the cheapest. This is a serious situation that can lead to severe consequences, so you need to hire the best. You can get the best service of mold inspection via Breathe Clean Again.

Should You Get A Mold Inspection When Buying A House? - Waypoint Inspection

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What is a mold inspection?

Mold inspections will help you identify areas that support mold growth and pinpoint problems such as water damage, odors, or other obvious signs. The mold inspector will inspect the outside of the house and look for signs of water damage and leaks.

What is the actual job of an inspector during a mold inspection?

The first task is usually to assess the moisture levels in the walls of the property after the initial visual inspections. The moisture levels are measured at intervals approximately two feet apart. 

If your inspector finds wall moisture readings that exceed the acceptable level or signs of mold growth, he/she should inform you and discuss the possibility of taking samples. Even if there is visible mold growth or water damage, the inspector won't be able to tell you if you have a problem. This is why sampling is so important.

If there is visible mold growth, samples can be taken to identify the type of mold spores.