Main Reasons: why you need a Tripod

A tripod is one of the gear parts that differentiates a pro from an amateur. The tripod is generally perceived as heavy or extra work so many beginners do not bother with it.

Easy to install

A good Collapsible Camera Tripods is easy to install, you do not fight to put things in order. The easy function implementation is of great importance when you take pictures of nature.  

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The main function of a tripod to keep your camera; Therefore, for your camera is stable, you need a good tripod. When your picture is a stable device, the device stops moving completely when you lock on the tripod head.

If you use a good quality tripod and you notice that your camera is shaken even after it locks in place, you should check and confirm that you put the right amount of weight on the tripod head.

If you use a long lens, you should get a tripod collar to the lens. This avoids the long lens to move.

High-quality photos

Since the tripod to hold the camera in a location, you can take high-quality photos that are sharp. Of utmost importance that you be able to take clear pictures even at night when using slower shutter speeds.