Know About Important Multi Purpose Pliers

Pliers cutting pliers is also called tang midfielder. It is used for gripping, wire splicing and cutting and stripping insulation and destroy. They are usually blunt-nosed with a gripping surface and a cutting blade mounted print. This pliers heel aligned and strong handles and insulated.

A multi-purpose plier that has grown in popularity over the years is the cobra pliers. They are originally intended for the installation of water pumps. These pliers are handy and lightweight, but these machines is great for many other purposes such as opening a bottle cap or remove rusted bolts stuck hexagonal. You can purchase high quality aircraft mechanic tool kits via


Channel lock on cobra pliers allow you to keep the grip until the work is completed. Some other features of this tool include single-hand adjustment, self-gripping on pipes and nuts and jaw design that prevents the nut-burring.

How to use it?

  • Choose the right pliers to do the right job.
  • Never use it as a hammer. This will damage the appliance and could cause you injury.
  • Use good quality tools and cheek tools before using them.
  • Maintenance of the tools is required. Oil pliers ensure that the jaws are clean and sharp teeth.
  • Fixed your wrist straight when using pliers and never stick your finger in between the clutch.
  • Never store your tools in extreme heat. It will not only expand the metal also cause dangerous structural problems.