How To Replace Damaged Roof Shingles

At the time of exchanging the deteriorated shingles then you have to make use of three basic steps such as repair or replace the fissured shingles or gluing down the badly twisted shingles. Roof repairs always take place when the temperature is hot and dry, as they become more supple. 

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Proper safety precautions must be taken when assessing the roof and replacing the damaged roof shingles. Wear appropriate gripped shoes so that you can easily walk on the roof, heavy-duty gloves, and protective eye-wear. 

Roof jack should be installed so as to provide a platform to stand on along with the harness for more protection and safety. When climbing on the roof using a sturdy ladder make sure that there should be a helper standing at the base. 

Examine the damage or the moisturized surface and various other indications of seepage. If there is moisture, replace everything around the damaged area. Shingles must be removed when there is chilly weather because in hot weather it becomes difficult to remove. 

When replacing a new shingle and attached it to the bottom line then overlap the one over the other and follow the rows line of the rest of the shingles. When you reach the last shingle make use of a feasible knife so as to cut off the nail strip from the top.