How To Perform TIG Welding Of Aluminum

TIG welding involves the joining of two metals using the heating method. The arc is created between the non-consumable electrode and the target metal. The use of a concentrated heat source is a key factor in TIG welding's ability to reduce distortion of the welding joint. 

Special equipment is needed for the aluminum welding process. A TIG Welding machine is a simplified engineered variety inverter-based TIG machinery. These machines can be used to weld aluminum and copper as well as stainless steel and titanium. 

Aluminum welding solutions can deliver the highest performance over a longer time and have better dimension accuracy. It is easier and more robust than an aluminum TIG welder for welding aluminum. 

aluminum welding services

Aluminum solder is more often used for reaction soldering than any other metals. Special fluxes are required for soldering aluminum. 

Although aluminum soldering can be done easily, it is complicated and requires extra care. You should also be careful when choosing alloys, as galvanic corrosion can occur due to aluminum's dissimilarity with other conventional soldiers. 

The variety of aluminum alloys and gauges can often highlight the different soldering results. It is important to carefully study the process for accepting or rejecting heat from aluminum during the soldering process. 

Aluminum tooling is becoming more common every day. Aluminum welding products are gaining popularity because of their cost effectiveness, strength and lightweight.  You need to select the right wire and use the correct welding technique in order to repair aluminum more effectively.