How Eating Sushi Can Beautify Your Skin

Going out to feast on sushi is an indulgence that also has incredible health benefits. Snacking on the delicious morsels is great for your skin. You can get your food delivered to your place from the best sushi restaurants via

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Let's breakdown the few major parts of a typical sushi roll so you can see how each part contributes to a more beautiful complexion.


The Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and other dark-skinned, oily fish protect the skin against sun damage, regulate cellular function and increase suppleness in the skin.

Because fatty acids are necessary for the function of the human body a lack of these necessary acids appear as eczema, the inability of the skin to heal itself, dandruff, and cracking skin among other symptoms.

Because the body cannot make Omega-3 fatty acids you have to get them through the food you eat and sushi is an excellent source of the wonderful essential fatty acids.

Brown Rice and Vegetables

The rice in sushi adds high mineral content to your meal. Let me correct myself: If you eat sushi made with brown rice, it adds a high mineral content. When brown rice is converted into white rice a barrage of damage is done to the grain and most of its nutrients are stripped from it.

The vegetables in your sushi roll are a wonderful source of antioxidants. Antioxidants have great anti-inflammation and skin tightening and soothing properties as well as the ability to limit the production of free radicals which damage and age the skin.