How Does Having Relatives In Canada Help With The Immigration Process

Having a parent living in Canada can be of any assistance in the immigration process. However, if the parent is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada, this gives you an alternative method of applying for immigration. If they are financially able to sponsor you, it might give you a better chance of being accepted. There are some drawbacks to this option.

Canada reserves the right to acceptance of the application temporarily or permanently close one of its programs at any time. The dedicated Toronto Immigration consultants will provide you with a timeline of how long your family sponsorship to Canada case will take so that your family is able to migrate there.

Is it possible to bring my mother to Canada once I have PR here ...

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The proponent must also meet certain rigid requirements. These include being a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. They must demonstrate the financial ability to support the family member or members they sponsor until they can support themselves. This means providing food, clothing, housing, dental and eye and other health care not covered by the public health service. 

It may not be the best way for a person to immigrate to Canada. There are several other programs that can provide a better way to achieve the acceptance of immigration. It might be wise to talk to an immigration lawyer about your situation before putting this burden on a family member.

Canada is facing a crisis where they have a lot of seniors who are approaching retirement age and not enough young people trained to take their place. Many countries are facing the same problem right now. Canada's response to this question is a selective immigration policy to attract young, educated people as immigrants.