Helicopter Eela Movie Review

Eela helicopter film history

Helicopter Movie Ella is a family film that you can enjoy with your family. In the Indian film industry, many movies have been made about sons and father. In changing circumstances, our thinking changes.

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Ella's Helicopter is the first of its kind to look for space in the mother-child relationship at different times. This story is about a single mother Ella and her son Vivan. Ella's son was more concerned about Vivan's needs.

Both mother and son are very happy in their lives, but as the child grows up, he cares for this need more than he needs, feels suffocated and wants to get rid of it. It's not that he doesn't love his mother, but that he wants to live his world apart from his mother. So I gave up my own search. The film has faded from this lovely thread.

In the name of the story, director Pradeep Sarkar only has one line of forest. If the story had to be made a little more difficult, then the film was in another dimension. The film continues with script and dialogue, but the story stops. However, the government recognizes this connection with extraordinary beauty throughout the film. 

The government maintains a very fast montage in the film. The cinematography shines so that the stage appearance becomes beautiful and beautiful. Speaking of acting, Kajol seems to be quite successful as a very thoughtful mother. After all, it's always nice to see him on the screen.