Follow These Tips for a Better Hostel Stay Experience


The popularity of hostels is booming when compared to even the finest of hotels. Hostels popularity are due to some of the reasons; it is cheaper, it allows you to make friends with other travelers and you are bound to experience tons of activities. If you are going to travel in the coming days, then consider staying in a genuine and reputed hostel with these tips.

  1. Consider Choosing your Room Wisely – Hostels offer plenty of rooms from private to sharing. This is where you need to be careful because if you are alright with sharing a room with another traveler or happen to travels in a large group, then go ahead. If not, then you can also go for a single room comprising of single to double bed.
  2. Consider Choosing the Lower Bunk over Upper – Lower bunk is always best if you are constantly required to go to the washroom.
  3. Consider Learning About the Place First – Make sure you first look for reviews and ratings online before your arrival. Look for things such as the likes of internet facility, lounge room for working, serving a meal such as breakfast or dinner and more.
  4. Consider Bringing Noise Cancellation Headphones or Earplugs – These 2 items are considered to be handy and beneficial. If you happen to book a hostel where tons of travelers keep checking in, then the hostel is obviously going to get crowded. Make sure you bring these 2 items if you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet experience.

Follow these when it comes to booking for staying in some of the best Canggu Hostels.