Fire Safety Courses – A Beginner’s Guide

There are a range of fire safety courses available around the UK and indeed across the world that help make buildings as safe as possible. In this article we'll examine the basic elements of fire related regulations and safety procedures. The details contained herein will give a basic overview of the kinds of topics that such a course would consist of.

In a public building of any kind, it is very important that the maximum occupancy in any part of the building is not exceeded. If too many people are in a building and a fire-related incident occurs, then getting those occupants out quickly might be more difficult. All good fire safety courses will cover this.

Other factors that will arise in fire safety courses are having appropriate exit signage – and ensuring that even if there is a power failure, those exit signs will be visible to those who require a swift exit. It is also crucial that fire extinguishers are placed in areas that can be accessed easily, so that a fire can be put out before it gets too big.

Putting out a fire without appropriate equipment is of course very difficult, and so ensuring extinguishers can be found easily might prevent a very dangerous and costly fire situation developing.

While many topics covered by fire safety courses are matters of common sense, it is worth noting how important they are. Keeping flammable materials or liquids away from the main structure for example – or indeed keeping them in a separate building is advisable.