Early Days Of Gas Mask

Unlike other inventions, a gas mask is one without a specific name to provide direct credit. In this article, we will look into the early development of gas masks that make up modern respirator that has given us some benefits.

Almost a century ago in 1915, when the modern chemical weapons found, gas masks were used. It allows people to breathe freely even if toxic gases, heavy smoke, or fumes in the air. At the height of chemical warfare, military gas masks still alive while performing normal functions of war.

But this is not the first traces of the use of gas masks. Even before the First World War gas masks used by firefighters, divers, and firefighters for a particular task. You can know more about the gas masks from https://www.gasmaskpro.com/.

Israeli G.I. Gas Mask (Small/Medium) With Filter

It would be almost another century back in 1832, a tool that can protect people from the smoke has been patented. Years later, the original patent is developing for use underwater divers. Meanwhile, in 1819, Augustus Siebe uses the concept in another approach. It has become the basis of future defense respirators.

In 1849, an inventor named Lewis Haslett created and patented "inhaler or lung-protective". This is the first air-purifying respirator capable of filtering out dust particles from the air before it enters the nose.

Moving forward in 1860, Auguste Denayrouse and Benoit Rouquayrol, both the French inventor creates a reservoir-Regulator. This design is able to help rescuers save trapped miners. It consists of a mouthpiece, nose clip, and air tanks carried on the back.