Cleaning Tips For Glass Kitchen Table Top

Now, you simply need to understand how to maintain your glass table sparkling clean as though it had been the day you purchased it. If your glass tabletop is framed with timber, cleaning it might not be the simple task you pictured it to be. 

 Wood can eventually become sterile when a glass cleaning option is used on it. Glass may get streaks from timber cleaning solution residue. 

You may still apply your glass cleaner to maintain the table shiny, but just take care to not touch the timber when you are cleaning. However, It would be best if you take help from the professional Tea towel services in Melbourne for your table cloths.

Now, if you're kitchen tabletop is just glass then cleaning it would be easier than those with wooden frames. There are two classifications of glass cleaners you can use:

1. Homemade glass cleaners. These are some of the homemade glass cleaning solutions that people swear by:

Water and vinegar solution. Some people use a solution of one part water and one part vinegar for their cleaner. Plain vinegar can be used or you can opt for distilled white vinegar.

Water, vinegar, and alcohol. This is a variation of the water and vinegar solution. You can add isopropyl alcohol to make your glass table cleaner dry up faster.

Baby shampoo and water. Add one-fourth teaspoon of baby shampoo to a quart of water. Baby shampoo was made not to leave any kind of residue on the baby, so it should not leave any streaks on your tabletop. Some people prefer one brand over the other.

2. Commercial glass cleaners. There are a whole lot of commercial glass cleaners to select from.  The majority of them are created out of ammonia. You may make your choice depending on the standing of the manufacturer, ingredients, or odor.  

Thus, let us say you have made your pick between commercial and residential glass cleaning alternatives.  

The next thing that you want to understand is exactly what fabric to use for wiping your glass table clean. You need to be certain the fabric or substance you use does not leave lint or fluff on your desk.