Choosing Plants in A Garden Center Important Tips For Getting It Right

One thing you should not do when visiting a plant nursery or garden center is to try to design a planting scheme. Buying impulses might be fine at the gift shop or at the supermarket, but it can be a disaster when it comes to gardens. To know more about the garden pots for sale, you can browse the web.

The only decision that must be made at the center of the garden concerns the quality of plants in pots. Then what is a good plant, and what should you avoid?

* The first point to consider is whether there is a reasonable balance between plant size and pot volume. Top-top specimens may have knotted and tangled root systems that may not grow to the soil after planting. So don't be overly impressed with handsome plants that grow in disproportionate small containers.

* Conversely, small plants that sit in relatively large containers are also undesirable, because the potting media can lack sufficient air. If such conditions persist, the roots may be unhealthy and even start to rot. Therefore ideally, the root system should comfortably fill the factory container volume.

* The best time to choose tree and bush specimens is when they are rooted, because someone has the opportunity to study the root system of plants. Look for specimens that have a number of roots that are well spaced and without blemish, while avoiding like the plague, those whose roots show signs of damage, or are tied to any degree.

Planting bare roots is only possible with deciduous plants and when they run out of leaves during their inactive season. Most of us have to rely on container plants and hope for the best.