Camping – How To Choose The Best Tent

When making a backpack, one of the most important things you can carry with you is a tent. You need a tent that will allow you to set up camp quickly and easily, one that will provide good protection and a good night's sleep so you can start over the next day. 

Choosing the right tent is very important for a backpack. To help you choose the most suitable tent for you, below are the types of tents currently on the market that are best suited for backpacks. You can also buy surplus tents online via

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Tunnel tent This tent is great to carry as it is very light and therefore great for long expeditions with backpacks. However, they didn't have a great height and two pillars in their construction. You will need a pole to hold the tent securely.

Dome tents are ideal for interior heights and spaces. The wind is easy to control because it only uses two poles. However, with only two poles there is not much support so it is not good to expect bad or unpredictable weather conditions.

Well-maintained dome tent This is very similar to a dome tent but offers more support. It is ideal for inclement weather and offers the same advantages as a regular dome tent.

Independent tents are fairly easy to set up and very strong. They are very light in design, which makes them a great favorite backpack. This tent must always be installed so as not to explode.