Black Truffles & Italian Seasoning

The delicious, almost melt-in-your-mouth goodness of black truffle salt makes it a must-have in your pantry. Black Truffle Sea Salt is the premium salt that you want to have at your fingertips when you need a little extra seasoning to bring out the best in any dish. Rich with a heavy heaping of Italian truffles and an equally generous amount of fresh Italian herbs, this luxurious salt elevates even simple meals into gastronomic spectacular masterpieces. Consider it an indulgent way to add that final touch to your next main dish.

You can use it for almost any kind of pasta dish that you would normally put butter or cream on. Salads, rice dishes, vegetable dishes. Even fish! Since it can also be used on seafood, a quick sprinkle over the top can make your whole meal a rich and flavorful one. A light dusting of the salty, beautiful powder can be an absolutely delightful way to top off your favorite pasta dish.

A similar but more mild and less powerful recipe that can be done at home without too much trouble is popcorn. All you need is regular salt and butter. Popcorn should be seeded before you start. If it is not, then just use the regular salt and mix it well. This will yield a tastier, richer flavor than regular popcorn.

Another way to incorporate the flavors of the truffle salt is to blend it with some fresh, toasted, cracked black popcorn. The flavor combinations are endless. You could choose to go with just the black truffle mixture or mix it with any combination of different flavors you would like. Be sure to keep your eye out for the packaging of the popcorn, as some may contain higher amounts of oil than others do. In general, the less oil there is in the blend, the better it will be.

One of my favorites is to create a beautiful presentation of Italian black truffle sea salt and popcorn. Using a fine-mesh strainer to separate the popcorn from the seeds while pressing it against the strainer to seal in the flavor, is a presentation that is easy to enjoy. Pair this exquisite combination with some fresh Italian bread and your family will enjoy this Mediterranean twist on snacks for years to come.

You don't have to limit yourself to only Italian dishes when using them in your cooking. Try incorporating it into a variety of soups and stews to bring out the flavors of the black truffle. It also pairs wonderfully with tender vegetables such as broccoli. It is a versatile ingredient, which allows you to experiment with creating delightful combinations. With any of the seasonings mentioned above, you can be sure that you will find a way to incorporate this delightful seasoning into your cooking.

Another use is for pasta. You can bring out the flavor of the truffle by lightly sprinkling it over pasta sauce or when preparing lasagna. You can even sprinkle it over freshly tossed salad leaves to dress them with a rich flavor all on their own.

If you enjoy trifling but are tired of the saltiness, consider using the Italian version known as the 'Tiramisu' salt. This is derived from a special black pudding called Maremma which is soaked in brandy then smoked to bring out its smoky flavor. You can drizzle it over pasta or put it in a skillet with butter and allow the over-proofed pudding to set. The smoking and the salt will render a flavor that is distinctly Italian. Although this salty form is not the authentic Italian flavor, it will definitely enhance any dish you make with it.