Best Guide to Choose Towels For Your Salon

A quick search for "towels" on the internet shows us a huge array of textiles, styles, finishes and weights towels provided. With so much choice now, how can anyone decide which salon towels  and what prices are appropriate for your needs?  

Selection towels - a Short Guide to Choose Towels

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Many promises were made…

About the weight of a towel, and this is often not an accurate statement of what we found. It would be easy to check at the store only to feel the quality and weight of a given sample, lifted it to the light, check the thread finish, etc., but it is 'very difficult' to check the towel when shopping on the web online.

Before we go into the details of towels and many variations of them we have to eliminate common misconceptions, and that is that more weight towels, the better.

Is your idea of softness towel quality, or the absorption, perhaps the longevity of it, it really should not only be based on body weight. This is like saying that a car you bought has the biggest engine you can find, let alone who looked awful, or that handle badly.

Absorbency and softness, or just being an ideal product in business applications because of the replacement cost, laundry cost, practicality with storage.