Benefits of Integrating Marketing With CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have been around for a long time now. From the beginning of digital Rolodexes and databases back in the 80s and 90s to today's software as a service powerhouses, CRM technology has always showed signs of change the way sales and customer service work. However, while several CRM solutions include marketing tools and functionality, none of them give the majority of the tools that today's marketer needs to support the sales and revenue goals of their business. You can get more information about CRM service for business at

Integration CRM and marketing automation are key steps to success for any company, regardless of size. These are benefits that businesses can reap from integrating CRM and the right marketing automation software. 

More sales-ready leads

Once you have them functioning consistently, marketing automation can help you ensure that the leads you provide to your sales team are ready to buy. Marketing automation solutions that use your CRM database to get things moving include customized, balanced correspondences. 

Get visibility into the performance to track the value of each campaign

Integrating the CRM and marketing platform can allow you to track the results of your marketing campaigns, from the first touch to the last sale. By observing how many prospects responded to your call to action, you can gain insight into conversions. It's also possible to track the revenue generated by these campaigns. This visibility can be very helpful if you have a goal to increase the effectiveness of your sales and marketing efforts.