Basic Things to Know About Tennis

Tennis is a type of exercise that does not require much equipment. In fact, finding the right equipment can often be the easiest part of getting ready to play sports. What can be more difficult is finding the right partner to play with and learn the skills needed to do well.

Tennis is a sport of precision and durability, which can not be learned in a day. With the proper training, however, anyone can become a great tennis player for life-even. Rules of the game are quite simple and differ only slightly for the double game. You can watch and get more information about women`s tennis results via online.

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First, in choosing a partner, you should choose someone who is on-par with you. Choose someone who plays close to the ability of your own or someone a little better. It is best to choose a challenging opponent than someone you would easily win the fight.

Once you choose a partner, the rules of the game are quite simple. In tennis, the two men stood on opposite sides of a tennis court, racket in hand. One person starts the game, called 'game' by serving the ball to the other side. During the service, the ball should fall in the square opposite on the other side of the net.

Another player must return the ball to the server before it bounces a second time. Two opponents volley the ball back and forth until one of them missed or until the ball landed out of bounds.

At that moment, the ball is out of play and the person who got the winning rally point. This continues until the end of the game, with players switching service back and forth after each 'game'.