Are LinkedIn Ads Worth The Money?

It's no surprise that social media sites have become an important resource for engaging with customers, as well as a profitable advertising environment. While this makes sense for consumer businesses, the question arises whether “promoting posts on LinkedIn” (also called promotion des publications sur LinkedIn) makes sense for organizations, i.e. businesses that sell their services and products to companies other than consumers.

However, the success of social media advertising for B2B companies largely depends on the platforms you choose to advertise on. In terms of B2B, LinkedIn is the most successful platform for getting quality leads. 26% of B2B decision makers use LinkedIn, and companies that engage through LinkedIn make up 80% of their total potential social media customers.

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While LinkedIn can be a great place to connect with B2B companies, does that mean it's worth using their paid options instead of just posting on your company website?

LinkedIn offers two paid options, advertising, and sponsored content. However, LinkedIn remains the best advert for B2B companies because of the quality of leads you get through LinkedIn campaigns compared to Facebook, Twitter, or Google campaigns.

This is because of LinkedIn's target audience, which includes business professionals seeking connections. LinkedIn ads are also quite small. The one-sentence text ad appears above the message bar and is insignificant. Another ad opportunity appears to the right of your newsfeed and features your logo with a profile photo of the target person, inviting them to follow your Business Page.