Animated Explainer Video – What is it

An explainer video is a small animated video that focuses on explaining various types of advanced problems, business concepts, and products/services to others in a simple way. This simplifies complicated theories and breaks them into many simple ideas that are easy to understand.

Just imagine how boring it would be if we start lecturing about the black hole in a traditional fashion. I guess most of you can relate to what I'm trying to convey. Thus, explainer video allows organizations to convey the message that the viewers want to hear. Here you can check out the top ten animated explainer videos on

The internet gets inundated with hundreds of videos every second. However, many of those videos are of no value. Though, one thing we can not deny is the rising demand for videos. A study predicts 80% of the total internet traffic would be because of videos by 2022. You are missing out on a massive opportunity if you're not harnessing the power of videos. There are many types of explainer videos that can help you achieve your goal.

The most important thing about an Explainer video that makes it more popular is its simplicity. Moreover, it also helps to enhance the conversion rates as 81 percent of people tend to buy a product/service after watching an explainer video on the website. If you also want to increase your retention rate by clarifying foreign ideas, then explainer videos will help you fulfill the demands concisely.