Affordable Shingle Roof Repair in Brevard County

There were some damp spots on the walls and puddles on the floor after the rain. The roof started to leak. Then it needs support and maybe advice from a specialist. The primary thing to do is to identify the source of the leak and start fixing it. How to determine the source of the leak in the house is quite simple. 

Leaks are often higher in the roof than the drop point unless you have a roll. On the farm, the wooden mazes make the quest difficult. Next time you go out during a storm, play detective. Get a roll of tissue, a flashlight, and a tape measure on the ceiling. Tear off the paper towels and use them to touch all of the wood near and above the leak.

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The next step is to start repairing. Most tile repairs, be it asphalt, wood, or slate, follow the same rules and steps; Disconnect and isolate the damaged panel from the surrounding environment, remove the nails, remove the damaged panel and replace it. 

Clapboard, shakes, and slates require that you trim the nails with a hacksaw rather than removing them and re-nailing them in a relatively open space; However, in all cases, use roofing putty to seal these nail heads.

One place to be more careful is on each board/flashing interface. For example, tiles in valleys cannot be nailed too close to flashing tiles for fear of breaking; Use roofing cement on one end of the connector and nails on the other.