Access Flooring Systems

Modern indoor environments require a variety of things, including high-quality air circulation and personal comfort. This is all while being able to address technological or organizational issues quickly and efficiently. These systems allow for underfloor service distribution and are very popular. There are many options, but it is worth looking at internationally-respected brands like Pentafloor or Kingspan/Tate.

Floor Benefits

Access floors are square panels that can be removed and supported by pedestal heads. They are designed to create a plenum between concrete slabs and the system. A wide range of building services, including data/communication cables and HVAC cables, can be run from the plenum in a cost-efficient, space-saving, and discreet manner. These systems can be easily removed and reconfigured, and are a great choice for safe, efficient, and flexible distribution. To find the high-quality access floor click here.

Who can use it?

A wide range of customers is interested in access flooring. These include architects, property developers, investors, tenants, and building occupants, as well as interior decorators and architects. Raised floor systems are widely used in data-centric networking areas like call centers, data centers, laboratories, telephone exchanges, and casinos. They can reduce or eliminate the need to install unsightly suspended ceilings. They are more cost-effective than traditional solutions, and they are less disruptive during workplace modifications.
Raised access floorings come with a platform that allows you to adjust the height and make any adjustments. To ensure that the floor meets your needs, consider the dimensions of the panel. Galvanization is also possible if the raised access floor has been galvanized.