A Guide To Using The 750 Paracord Bracelet

A para cord, also called a parachute cord, is a lightweight nylon cord that usually has many strands inside. Paracord is a versatile, lightweight cord made from nylon and polyester. It's often used as a cord bracelet, survival bracelet, or necktie. 

Although paracord is no longer used for skydiving, its strength and flexibility have always proven to be a great rope for any project. You can navigate here https://www.theparacordstore.com/750-paracord.html to buy 750 paracord online.

The 7/8th inch, 750 paracord is a thicker cord that is stronger than standard 550 paracord. The material makes it perfect for crafting and DIY projects like key chains or survival bracelets. Paracords are also ideal for emergency situations and can be used in many ways.

But what do you do with all that paracord? Here are four ways to use it:

Make a bracelet: One of the simplest and most popular uses for paracord is making a bracelet. You can use it to hold your hair back while cooking, tie it around your wrist when working out, or secure your pack while hiking. 

Secure tools: If you work in an environment where tools are constantly moving around, tying them down with paracord can prevent them from being lost or stolen. 

Make a shelter: A broken window in the middle of a storm may not be the ideal time to go outside and search for shelter – but using some stranded cordage might.